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Internet Television: What’s the difference between Roku IPTV and OTT?

Over the Top Technology (OTT) is video streaming that uses internet connection available publicly. OTT accesses free content from third parties like YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a platform that is used to exchange data through the internet creating a privately managed network to deliver content.
Here are four key differences:
1. Cost
OTT is cheaper than Roku IPTV because it uses free content from public channels. However, the quality is lower as well. For example, videos can be interrupted by ads. Roku IPTV offers high-quality video streaming without interruptions as the content is private. The subscription price for OTT starts from $5, where you may pay a minimum $15 per month for Roku IPTV subscription.
2. Hardware
You need only a laptop or smartphone to install OTT. Also, Apple TV box or Roku can be used. A set-top box and broadband internet are required to install Roku IPTV.
3. Choice of Provider
There is a wide choice of OTT providers like Netflix. OTT offers original programming. In this respect, OTT is similar to cable TV. You can watch shows or sports events in real-time regime with the help of Roku IPTV. OTT doesn’t support this format. You can find many shows via streaming services or cable, but you can watch them only using OTT at the end of the season.
4. Connection Speed
As OTT videos can sometimes buffer due to low connection speed. Videos can buffer when you use Roku IPTV, but usually only during peak hours.

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